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I'm a girl with hope but now I lose hope . But , why should I lose hope just because of jealousy ? sorry , I've told you , aku kuat jeles . Dear bestfriend forever , I've never thought you would do something that really gonna make me jealous and you did broke my heart , girl . thankyou . Aww yeah , what a great relationship between you and him , well girl , send my regard to him , and you boy , send my regard to her , hope you happy ever after . Well no , I'll take it back . You two are very matched ;) , Woaaa , no way . Okfinee , godie . I'm tired of pretending like everything is fine ! Tears run down and smiles are fading away . My face getting ugly without smiles . I can't stand it anymore :'( . Sorry friend , you called me and you're crying begging for forgiveness , but I just quiet , doesn't mean I didn't forgive you . I just don't know what to say , sama ada aku perlu cakap "Tkpa aku maafkan hang" , lagi lah membuat aku tacing . Dgn sebak2 tu , aku mmg tkleh ckp apa . Maybe I can forgive you but forgetting what happen between us is the hardest thing to do :'| ,

Apa yang paling buat aku sakit hati , both of you act like nothing happen . and I was like wtf -.- . Especially him . Stay away from me , I need time , only time . Jgn desak aku maafkan hang . kbai nak keluaq makan . Do you remember what messege I've sent to you ? Eventhough I get mad at you , and you slap me and I feel like I want to kill you , but I know that I still love you <3 kbai muah .

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