I was enchanted to meet you .
Saturday, October 22 • 5:58 AM • 0 comments
-story 1-

Seriously , there's a lot of friends on cyber that I really want to meet . Before , I really wish I could meet my old bestfriend . But I realise we're not meant to be bestfriend forever . Sorry man , I've tried hard to be a good friend , but I can't . Sometimes I do want to be your friend again , but I think it's better if I stay away from you . I do , ..miss you . Maybe our friendship end here , and I won't get the chance to see you in real life . Why I never realise that you're really different than the other man out there ? But now I realised , kbai , I should not look for you anymore . Thankyou for everything . Perigi tk cari timba ok .

- story 2 -

Ya Allah , seseorang yg aku urmm , nvm -___- . But I really want to meet this people . Idk . Tapi kalau aku jumpak dia , sure aku gagap dan senyap bila jumpak dia . He knew my brother and agak rapat kot . Idk what to say about this people anymore . We got problems -__- ohgod . Sorry aku jenis tk tahan , sapa2 pon aku boleh jeles . sorry bye .

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