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I always feel like I lost everything in the world . Sometimes I feel like I don't have any friends , and I feel like everything has changed . It changes a lot this year . My friends changed , my life has changed . And I'm fkg hate this year - 2012 . 15 days in this year is like 15 weeks for me . I don't really have someone to share my sadness and happiness :'/

The one that I wish I can share all my laughter and all my tears is not here with me . Sometimes I wish my mom would be a friend for me , I wish I can tell her everything that happen to me but it won't happen -.- Well..nobody cares . And..I can't keep any cat now because my neighbours dah 'bising-bising' pasai kucing sbb kucing dok berak merata-rata , rindu nak dgr kucing2 ku buat bising "meowwwww" T__T but I don't have cats , I want Casey to come home ;( I'm alone , alone , alone and always alone -..- forever alone .

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