Am I dreaming ?
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19 March 2013 is probably the best day ever in my life but
21 March 2013 everything has changed

19 March - My friends Awatif , Syiera , Umi , Elina and Dijah made a surprise for me again. A birthday party at school pavillion , belated actually. HAHA , it was sooooo unexpected. They threw me flours and balloons filled with water -,- I was like ohmaigadddddd hari ni bukan hari jadi akuuuuu weeeeeyy ! apa kena dgn hampa semua ni ?! HAHA I run and run around the field and they keep threwing. After that , they told me it was a belated birthday party for me. And then time to eat cake , Tiramisu aumm it was so yummy but I can't eat too much , feels like throwing up.

Suddenly , Umi hilang. Syiera and Awatif go look for her. Umi came back and she came to me pretending like she got something to tell me. We walked at the school field and then she told me to sit and close my eyes. I was like "tkmaaauuu , nak buat apaa". I thought they were going to throw something to me lol. Umi closed my eyes with her hand and when she said I can open my eyes , I opened and I saw someone standing beside me. I knew him. I freaked out so I get up and run away. I stopped because I knew I was about to cry. Umi hugged me and told me to take the present from him. I took it and said thank you and turn away. I can't tell ya what else happened after that. Kinda personal. Felt like I was dreaming -,- I couldn't even believe it myself. I just want to say thank you to all of my friends for making me feels like I'm someone special even just for a day :)


21 March - Shit happened. Everything changed since a bitch came in and ruined everything. I guess he's happy now.

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