Starting again
Thursday, May 29 • 2:29 AM • 0 comments

It's raining right now. It's so calm outside. My mom told me to turn off the computer right now but I don't know why , I just don't feel like wanna turn it off right now. Haha stubborn , yeah I know.

Well , it's been a very long time since my last post. My last post was on 29th June 2013. Haha , I guess my blog is full of dust. Ewww. Now I'm removing the dust. It's 2014 and I'm 16 already. Sometimes I wonder , am I growing up too fast? Or it's just me who feels that way. I feels so relieved nowadays. There's not so much personal problems and right now I don't have any crush (I guess) so I don't have to bother thinking about useless thing. And I think I'm increasingly mature , perhaps everybody does. 

Btw , it's holidayy ! Yehett ! I've planned 'a lot' of things to do this holiday. Some of them are watch korean dramas , watch korean dramas and watch korean dramas. Wuuu perfecto. Idk why I'm so addicted to korean stuff haha. It's actually fun ya know. I love their shows , it's funny and enjoyable.

Well now it has stopped raining. Haha maybe I should stop typing now. Erm well this is it, the end of this post. Annyeong!

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